Some texts 1958-1997 (pdf) in English translations

[Download] Music and Number (1958)

[Download] The Construction of Sound (1963)

[Download] Complex Sounds (1965)

[Download] The Second Phase of Electronic Music (1965)

[Download] Notes on the Computer in Music (1967)

[Download] Remarks on Compositional Theory (1968)

[Download] Programmed Music - From the Composer's Viewpoint (1968)

[Download] The Use of Computer Programmes in Creating Music (1970)

[Download] Analytical Descriptions (1971)

[Download] Construction and Working Method of the Utrecht University Studio (1972)

[Download] Experiences with Programmed Music (1975)

[Download] Programmed Musik. Personal Experiences and Work (1975)

[Download] Composition Processes (1978)

[Download] Some Observations on the Impact of Technology on Musik (1982)

[Download] The Aesthetic Integration of Computer-Composed Scores (1983)

[Download] Programmed Music (1985)

[Download] Sonology in Utrecht. Albumblätter (1986)

[Download] Working with "Project 1". My Experiences with Computer Composition (1990)

[Download] Layers and Variants (1997)