Electronic Compositions

Title Year Tracks Studio
Klangfiguren I1955 1 WDR
Klangfiguren II 1955/56 4 WDR
" 2000 4 TAZ, digital reconstruction
Essay *1957/581WDR
"19991KOE, new digital realization
"19991TAZ, digital reconstruction
Materialien zu einem Ballett19611WDR
Suite (from "Materialien ...")19611WDR
Terminus 119624WDR
"19984TAZ, digital reconstruction
Terminus 21966/674SON
"19984TAZ, digital reconstruction
Terminus X19672/8SON
Funktion Grün19674SON
Funktion Gelb19684SON
Funktion Orange19684SON
Funktion Rot19684SON
Funktion Blau19694SON
Funktion Indigo19694SON
Funktion Violett19694SON
Funktion Grau19694SON

* The score of Essay contains all the necessary data for the realisation of the piece and its compositional application. It is is available from PFAU-Verlag, Darmstadt, Germany.

WDR: Produced in the Studio of West German Radio, Cologne
SON: Produced in the Institute of Sonology at Utrecht University
TAZ: Produced in association with Studio Tazelaar, Rijswijk, Netherlands
KOE: Produced by the composer

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